Alberta psychologists competence cooperative

Cooperative Continuing Education for Alberta Psychologists


The Alberta Psychologists Competence Co-operative provides the opportunity for psychologists to enhance skills and judgment for their provision of professional services. We actualize our mission through planned and focused events that emphasize sharing our collective experiences and wisdom.


  1. As a co-operative we focus on benefit for all members participating in our activities. We seek to share our own knowledge, skills and experience as well as gaining from other members.
  2. We believe that the experiences of other psychologists who perform similar professional roles are sources of wisdom and insight that can enhance our own professional practice skills.
  3. We believe that the wisdom of doing, with self-reflection and open dialogue, provides unique benefits to supplement traditionally disseminated knowledge and skills training.
  4. We diligently work to maintain a culture of openness to new ideas, respect for each other's opinions, and dialogue that encourages both flexibility and sound critical thinking concerning the issues we face.
  5. We value diverse learning experiences. Group discussion, one-to-one dialogue, recreational and social activities that promote learning more about each other, experiential learning, and networking to assist each other, are all potentially valuable experiences to enhance our professional competence. The cooperative is open to new possibilities in the way that it furthers its mission.
  6. We each seek to contribute to the operational needs of the cooperative through our volunteerism to the cooperative activities. As a co-operative there is no motive of financial profit for any individual member of the group. We do not charge each other, nor do we seek to accumulate funds. We all take responsibility to contribute when costs need to be shared for the sake of cooperative activities.
  7. We value networking with each other to enhance our day to day practice in difficult areas. We recognize that there are many areas of expertise within the cooperative, and cooperative members are open to share their expertise with each other for the good of the profession.
  8. We recognize that our cooperative is but one method for psychologists to insure competence. We encourage participation in all competence enhancing activities according to the discretion of individual psychologists.
  9. Documenting and archiving Cooperative activities, administration of cooperative membership and communication to members is performed through volunteer service and is managed with transparency, equanimity and timeliness so that all can see the work of the cooperative towards its mission.